Pony Parties

  Childrens Pony Parties

We are open year round for Pony Parties – while we are in our off season we offer Option 1 only with early or late party times to avoid the heat, just contact us to book and secure a time which suits your family.

Our childrens parties are most suited for Primary aged children down to as young as 3 years.

We provide the horse activities, venue, tables, picnic chairs and drinking water we can also put out carpet toys and sand pit toys for young children and coffee and tea if you would like it.

You provide the party go-ers, party food and cake.

To hold a date you need to place a $50 deposit. This can be paid over the phone or we can give you and invoice to pay into our bank. If you have a special Saturday in mind please book early and we will do our best to book in a date with you that suits everyone.


Depending on the age of your Birthday Rider we have a few different options;

Option 1

Childrens birthday parties, 2 hour session . We’d allow you 30 mins set up and pack up time either side, eg. 1.30 pm – 4.30 pm on Saturdays.

2 ponies/horses on site for available for led pony rides and grooming practice for 1.5h.

Children are required to wear enclosed shoes for the riding and we supply riding helmets.

Cost $325, recommended for up to 20 kids,although it doesn’t worry us if there are more and you invite the whole class – as there is plenty of room to run and have fun and for the parents to be able to sit around and enjoy the view.

Times: Saturdays, term one – times can be arranged with Madeline

Term 2 – 4,  Saturday afternoons, 1.30pm – 3.30pm or 2 pm – 4 pm

Option 2

If you have a group of 8 or less children we can do an additional class after our usual lead line lessons and you can hire out the shed space for your party after the riding activities finish.

Riders have a 20 minute lead line ride, followed by 20 minutes of learning safety on the


ground, grooming and unsaddling horses.

This is followed by your party moving to the shed space and grassed area.

The riders would be entertained with riding activities for around 40+ minutes and then have their afternoon tea in our grassed/ shed area for an hour.

Times: Terms 2 – 4, Saturdays  1.30pm – 3.30pm

Cost:                $25 / rider   + $75 shed hire

Option 3

For children aged 10 years and up (assuming all children in the group would be this age). For between 5 and 10 riders

Horsemanship class followed by a trail ride.

Learn to saddle a horse, a lesson in the yards, finishing with a trail ride out in the paddock. The riding activities would go for around 2 hours.

After the trail you can use the shed area for your afternoon tea and your cake.

Times: Terms 2 – 4 , Saturdays 1.30pm – 3.30pm and then 30 – 40 minutes for afternoon tea and birthday cake.

Cost:                $80 / rider   – for this ride a minimum of 5 riders is required, adults are welcome to join the ride and no need for an adult to be present on the ride.

Important information for invites:

Where: Capricorn Equestrian Centre, 291 Mt. Wheeler Rd, VIA Mackays Road, Bondoola 

What to bring: enclosed shoes for the lead rides, if adult  s want to walk with the children and horses they also need enclosed shoes.

We provide riding helmets and drinking water.

Please be aware our horses spell (that’s means they take a holiday ) for term one, due to the summer heat / rain, so option 1 is available at these times, options 2 and 3 are unavailable in term 1 due to spelling horses and reduced staff numbers.

For more information about the riding and to book a time for your party:

Madeline 0413 483 850 or evenings P 4939 2611