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MPgreenshirtLadies only Advancing Horsemanship Clinic &   Private Lessons

19th / 20th MAY 2018
Private Lessons; Monday 21st May

Mandy’s clinics are always fun and welcoming, bring along your best equine friend and make some more new friends along the way. Mandy is especially great at calming the nerves of riders who are coming back to the saddle after a break.

We have also managed to secure Mandy for the after the clinic for private lessons for anyone who would like to get some one on one attention with their horses.

Ladies Advancing Horsemanship Clinic,

Advancing Horsemanship Building on Mandy’s Foundation clinic
Morning Session: Revision of Foundation Groundwork exercises
Day one: Everyone begins together with ground work exercises:
Flexion: giving to a soft feel on the rope laterally
Backing moving our horses out of our personal space with steady hand and then driving pressure.
Stepping our horses shoulders and hindquarters over with steady hand and then driving pressure.
Asking our horses to circle us with a soft feel on the rope at all 3 gaits.
Leading our horses forward with a soft feel on rope.

Afternoon session: Putting together some of the foundation exercises : Squeeze or sending exercises, Stick Driving, Sending our horse over obstacles.

Day two: Revison of Foundation Exercises: Control of horses body parts under saddle.
Mandy’s ridden goals for you and your horse:
Flex his head and neck left, right and vertically from rein pressure.
“Now” exercises learn how to safely shut your horse down before things get out of control.
Move horses hindquarters and shoulders in response to rein and leg pressure.
To ride a circle
To Stop and Back up.

New Exercises:
To ride a circle at walk, trot and canter with soft feel
Lead departures
To counter bend on a circle
Side Passing

After lunch Mandy will spend some one on one time with each participant fine tuning exercises and responding to any questions or problems. It is important each rider has a clear understanding of the morning’s exercises so they can gain the most from their clinic experience. All riders are encouraged to stay and watch, you may also like to keep practicing or practice what is being shown.

$330 per rider, includes morning and afternoon teas, lunch and Saturday night bbq, and camping for clinic riding participants.

We also have a bunk house available for those who would like a comfy mattress, sheets and an insect free night, for just $15 / night.

$25 / day fence sitters includes day time lunch and snacks. ($10 extra for Saturday night BBQ)

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Ladies confidence building Clinic with Mandy Probyn

Private Lessons

Looking for a bit more attention? Do you have some specific  problems which you would like to address with Mandy?

Mandy will be available for Private lessons Monday after the clinic, please use the entry form above to book lessons

One hour lessons
$85 (clinic attendees)       or    $95  (non clinic attendees – includes facility fees)




Clinic  Enquiries Madeline Chery 0413 483 850 Capricorn Equestrian Centre and

Mandy Probyn 49584724 (clinician)

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